Training Videos

Police K-9: Building the Bite:

Intense Police K-9 Training!!  "K-9 Bite Building & Decoy Development Seminar in Paterson, NJ 2015"   High Drive K-9 provides the BEST Training Seminars across the country.  This K-9 Seminar provides the most realistic, explosive, and cutting edge training to all of our Police & Military K-9 Teams across the globe!!!

K-9 Tactical Building Clearing:

High Drive K-9 provides superior, effective, cutting edge K-9 training to Police/Military teams across the globe.  We train for a Realistic approach better preparing the K-9 Teams for deployment success. Train Hard, Train Smart...

K-9 Exposure Training: Episode 2

Exposure engagement training for Police & Military K-9 Teams.  At High Drive K-9, we promote a realistic training approach with a superior, effective, cutting edge style.  

Train Hard, Train Smart.