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Upcoming Courses & Seminars

October 21-24, 2019


Decoy Development Course

Broward County, FL

Hosted by: Institute of Public Safety

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November 11-14, 2019


K-9 Team Tactical Training Course

Snow Hill, Maryland

Hosted by: Worcester Co. Sheriff's Office

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January 6-9, 2020


Advanced K-9 Bite Building for High Risk Deployments

Goodyear, Arizona

Hosted by: Goodyear Police Dept.

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March 2-6. 2020


Decoy Development & E-Collar Combo Course

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Hosted by: Mount Pleasant Police Dept.

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April 20-23, 2020


K-9 Bite Building Development Course

Gurnee, Illinois

Hosted By: Gurnee Police Department

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May 4-7, 2020


K-9 Bite Building Development Course

Somerville, New Jersey

Hosted by: Somerset Co Sheriff's Office

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About Us


Whatever your needs are, whatever K-9 issues you may have, look no further than High Drive K-9. With our innovative approach, our cutting edge reality based training, and our dedicated commitment to K-9 Teams across the world, High Drive K-9 delivers.  

HDK-9 has established and implemented training courses and seminars to challenge K-9 teams and to keep them up to date with real world deployment issues. From the basic K-9 academics to advanced involvement with K-9 and  SWAT together, HDK-9 offers flexible training schedules to accommodate all agencies. Here at HDK-9, we are committed to providing intense and dynamic training courses and seminars, however never sacrificing the integrity of K-9 training.

HDK-9 Instructors are comprised of active K-9 and SWAT professionals who have dedicated themselves to Law Enforcement. All of our instructors are professional and courteous and are strong advocates of team work and honesty.  Our instructors truly care about every officer and dog team, and work tenaciously to achieve success for all. 

 HDK-9 offers the best hands on K-9 training today.  But, one thing remains unchanged – our dedication to providing the best services to K-9 teams.  We strive to keep an open and honest  attitude about our work,  promising to produce excellent police work dogs through every one of our courses.  


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