The mission of High Drive K-9 is to provide the best education, instruction and training to K-9 Dog Teams across the world.   We believe that the structure and presentation of our courses and seminars, provide a fresh, cutting edge, true reality based training approach which accurately prepares K-9 teams for deployments.  

At High Drive K-9, we are proud to offer a positive learning atmosphere, treating all of our handlers and dogs with the greatest respect they deserve. We believe that by creating this type of atmosphere, both handler and dog perform and produce at a much faster rate of development.  We strive to create a mutual respect between Instructors and Handlers by taking a "lead by example" approach.  High Drive K-9 Instructors maintain the highest ethical values and place all of their hard work, dedication, honesty, commitment and integrity into the training.

In 2001, I was blessed with receiving my K-9 partner Titan.  Throughout the  years of service, Titan and I had extreme success in all that we did.  Our relationship grew stronger and stronger each day we strapped on our uniform and hit the road.  My tenacious and brave approach to K-9 training grew honorably  as Titan and I continually pushed the standards of training higher and higher. I was continually approached by hundreds of handlers around the country, inquiring about how I built such a obedient, strong and honest relationship with him.  I humbly answered , and pushed on with the training.  From my experiences with  Titan, I passionately believe that every dog team across the world can possess the same type of relationship and success Titan and I had.  Now, as owner and head trainer of High Drive K-9, I have the opportunity to spread my knowledge, skills, tactics, experiences, honesty, and tenacious character to other handlers and agencies alike.

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to bringing our cutting edge seminars and courses to you.

Owner & Head Trainer

Scott Clark

Current & Past K-9 Partners