All High Drive K-9 Instructors are current and actively working as K-9 Handlers and/or Swat Operators with their respective departments.  Each Instructor posses a vast knowledge in the always changing field of K-9 and Swat industry.  High Drive K-9 Instructors provide a new cutting edge, reality based training approach, educating and challenging K-9 teams to tactically prepare themselves for duty.  All of our Instructors are leaders in their department and community, and always strive to advance Law Enforcement as a whole. 



Scott Clark, Owner and Founder of High Drive K-9, has been a Police Officer for the City of Coral Springs Police Department (FL) since January 1999.  Since 2001, he has been assigned to the K-9 Unit where he currently serves as the K-9 Head Trainer and K-9 Handler.  He has been working and training patrol and detection dogs since 2001.  He is a current certified State of Florida FDLE K-9 Team Instructor and FDLE K-9 Team Evaluator.  In addition, Scott is the K-9 Unit Head Trainer, Multi-Jurisdictional K-9 Head Trainer, SWAT K-9 Team Leader, Trainer and SWAT K-9 Handler, Firearms Instructor, HK MP5/MP7Instructor, Sig Rifle Instructor, and has trained numerous K-9 Teams in South Florida and Across the Country.  Scott obtained his Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) majoring in both, Criminal Justice and Psychology, from the University of North Florida. He is a current and active writer for Police K-9 Magazine, K-9 Cop Magazine & Working Dog Magazine, where numerous articles of his have been published. Scott serves as an Instructor for the Broward College Institute of Public Safety, National Instructor for HITS Conference, Blue Line K9 Conference, Law Dog Conference, K-9 Cop Magazine, Police K-9 Magazine and Working Dog Conferences.



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K-9 Officer Down Complete - Jan/Feb 2017 

The “Mali-Gator” Dealing with a dog that Rolls- Dec/Jan. 2018

Expert Trainers Perspective author - 2012- Current 



Ron Torres has been a Police Officer for the Lauderhill Police Department, (FL.) since 1997, and a K-9 handler since 2002.  He has a total of 22 years of Law Enforcement experience and is the Senior K-9 Handler with his current agency.  Ron is a current  State of Florida (FDLE) High Liability Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Use of Force Instructor and serves as one of  his agencies in-service Instructor.  In addition, he has been a K-9 Trainer in numerous K-9 Academies in South Florida and across the country and posses a high level of Decoy Skills as well as a vast knowledge of canine training.  He is extremely diverse  with his training and specializes in canine behaviors as it applies to canine bite building & problem solving.  He is currently working his third dual purpose patrol/narcotics dog.